CASE 1:  Paint Stallion, 2 yrs old -- Acute 22 Degree Rotation 




case_paint130 days: Photo of foot one month after surgery and derotation or repositioning of coffin bone parallel to ground surface;  Photo of bottom of same foot showing coffin bone (P3) protruding through sole of foot.





 90 Days:  Three months post-op showing hoof growth has reached heel bearing surface; Photo of bottom of same foot showing scar tissue at toe where exposed bone had been 3 months ago.





180 Days:  Photo of foot 6 months post-op showing bearing surface has reached quarters of hoof i.e. New growth is bearing weight to the quarters; Photo of bottom of same foot showing new growth at sole. Open wound completely healed.



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CASE 2:   American Saddlebred, 3 Yrs old -- Compression Fracture, 25 Degree Rotation & Acute Hoof Wall Separation

case_saddlebred_145 Days: Photo showing same foot 45 days post-op, derotation and coronary band separation (note new growth at coronary band).




case_saddlebred_275 Days: Hoof separation 75 days post-op (note healing tissue of coronary band); Photo of same foot showing loss of old hoof tissue. Separation severe enough to allow scissors to be inserted between hoof wall and separated lamina.




case_saddlebred_314 Mo: Same hoof 14 months post-op; Note: Hoof wall integrity has been restored.





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CASE 3:  Paso Fino Mare, 12 Yrs Old -- Chronic 15 Degree Rotation

case_paso_fino_1-2BEFORE: Day of surgery - note chronic pain stance (hind feet tucked under relieving the weight on the front feet).

AFTER: Six weeks post-surgery




case_paso_fino_3Day 1: Photo of feet the day of surgery.  After surgery, before derotation.  Note the imbalance and damage of hoof capsules.





case_paso_fino_4-590 Days:  Photo of left hoof three months post surgery. Note balanced and healthy hoof capsule; Photo of left hoof three months post surgery. Showing balanced hoof capsule and new hoof growth to heels.



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CASE 4: Arabian Mare, 12 Yrs Old -- Acute Grade IV Laminitic Event


case_arabian_1This mare presented in severe pain; The left fore sole was open and the bone exposed; The right fore hoof was sinking.






Day 1: Condition of left fore sole at time of surgery; Note exposed bone (arrow).





30 days post-surgery. Note new growth (arrows).




Day 90: Although sinking had occurred with complete    loss of hoof capsule, circulatory collapse was not fatal.





At 120 days the mare has new soles, heels and quarters.                                                                                     



 At 6 months, the mare was sound with new hoof tissue.



Day 180: The mare is ready to return home!

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CASE 5: American Quarterhorse Gelding, 13 Yrs Old -- Chronic Acute Grade IV Laminitis



This middle-aged Quarter Horse was rescued by Cashvan Family Memorial Equine Fund. He was presented to us six months after an acute laminitic bout. He was unable to stand.







Pre-surgery: Condition of legs showing hyperflexion of fetlocks and abrasions of fetlocks.









Post-surgery: Shows correction of fetlock hyperflexion. Capsular derotation complete. The horse is able to stand and walk comfortably.







Pre and Post surgery: The radiograph on the left was taken before surgery and capsular derotation. The radiograph on the right shows the bones of the hoof back in their correct position.






Day 180: The hooves have been returned to normal shape and size, and was ready for adoption.






 Ready for a new home.






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