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 Specializing In:
 Laminitis (Founder), Lower Limb Trauma, Amputation and Prosthetic Placement, Club Feet, Angular Limb Deformities, and Heel Collapse (NPAS)


Welcome to Serenity Equine Hospital - Virginia's first equine transitional care facility utilizing advanced laminitis treatment techniques.

Why the name change to AuroraSeren Equine?

  AuroraSeren offers up a bit of the Celtic.  AuroraSeren means Dawn Star.  Just like a star at dawn, it signifies a new beginning.... 

AuroraSeren Equine is now the parent company for the ever expanding entity that now incorporates Serenity Equine Hospital, our online and Skype consultation services, our travel to your site when your horse cannot travel to us, and our writing and publishing.

Cashvan Family Memorial Equine Fund (CFMEF) continues to be our rescue for the laminitic and lameness horses whose owners cannot afford therapy for them.  CFMEF is a 501c3 fund. CFMEF gladly accept donations.

AuroraSeren and Serenity Equine are here to help.....

We have changed our name, not our mission.

 Located in the tranquil hills of Central Virginia, our mission is to provide the best blend of hospital care, consultation and travel to your veterinary and farrier teams.

When your horse needs to be in our care, we pledge to provide the best care,surgical or non-surgical care possible.  Our Skype services allow us to work directly with your veterinarian and farrier hoofcare team.  Our online consultation service allows us to review your case and make recommendations to your hoofcare team.

Dr. Floyd's life-long concentration on lower limb and lameness issues has led to the development of new surgical, shoeing, trimming and recovery techniques--producing remarkable results in treating a wide range of problems. 

There is hope, and AuroraSeren Equine is here to help.

Please download Out-Patient Only forms if coming to Serenity for out-patient services, or  Hospitalization forms if your horse will be staying with us longer.  Fill out and return by fax or scan and email. 




          Equine Podiatry


     Andrea E. Floyd, D.V.M.


Published by Elsevier Publishing House, this invaluable text reference by Dr. Floyd will help horsemen, farriers and veterinarians alike in understanding hoof issues. 

This comprehensive text not only covers basic principles of horseshoeing, but also focuses on medical and surgical foot care management. Starting with the anatomy and physiology of the equine foot, this one-of-a-kind book then evaluates the foot, its pathological conditions (including structural, developmental, and traumatic conditions in addition to laminitis), balancing and shoeing the healthy and diseased equine hoof, and ends with a chapter on new directions in equine podiatry, written by cutting-edge researchers in the field.

The book is available through Amazon, and a complete table of contents is available at Elsevier Publishing.  



Through the mists of our beginnings,
they came to us, though we may never know why.
From the dawn of our history they have been there.
They have died for us on the battlefield, they have carried
our kings to coronation and our Gods to their heavens.
They have been there at our humblest moments
and witnessed our most foul deeds.
We have abused them and adored them.
Now it is time to respect them...
                                - Andrea E. Floyd, D.V.M.




Upcoming Events :


Podiatry 101: "Reading and Evaluating Radiographs for the Veterinary/Farrier Team"

This course is designed to give the veterinarian and/or farrier the knowledge necessary to read and interpret radiographs on an everyday basis.


"Understanding the Biomechanical Needs of the Laminitic Foot"

This course is designed to give farriers the knowledge necessary
to read, interpret radiographs and apply the correct biomechanical advantage to the laminitic foot.  This is a 2 day course.

When: October 12 and 13, 2013

Where: Serenity Equine, 2954 Evington Road, Evington, VA 24550

Lodging: There are many excellant hotels in Lynchburg, VA.

Cost: $250 USD

Light breakfast provided.